You have been royally appointed…

Dear friends,

Someday I hope to be the queen of a small country, preferably New Zealand. My king and I will need lots of royal officials and since y’all are totally the cream of the crop, I thought I would pick from amongst you. It will be convenient when I meet him to already have all our head ppl picked out, I’m sure he will be thrilled. 🙂

If you have been tagged, you have been chosen as on of the leaders of my kingdom. I’m only appointing ppl who I am friends with on fb currently, and Mommy. We will see how well I know y’all by how I do choosing jobs for you, although I don’t know some of you that well. Please comment and tell me if your position is satisfactory. 🙂 Also, please feel free to tell me if you see any laws that I will need to implement, or any holidays I need to declare, etc. 🙂
~ Ivy

Daddy will be in charge of vacuuming the castle, when he wants too, because he likes vacuuming. 🙂 He will also be in charge of taking care of the Royal Grandmother (Mommy), and of being the Royal Maker of Soups, also when he wants too. 🙂 Oh yes, and he will be the Royal Grandfather 🙂

We will absolutely need ambassadors, and they will have to be easy to get along with as well as level headed.. For this job I have carefully selected Joel, Abby, Bennett, Mary Gohn and Catherine.

Our wonderful citizens will be sad if we don’t have any sports, so Aaron (Austin will help him with Football) will be in charge of Basketball (Collin Gresso will also be in charge of Basketball) and Football, Joel (Andrew will help him) will be in charge of Soccer, Kelsey will be in charge of Gymnastics, Catherine will be in charge of track, and I can think of a lot of ppl who can help her with that! 😉 Drew will be in charge of Baseball of course… I think that’s all the important sports?

Benjamin will be in charge of the parks and wildlife, both of which we will have absolutely loads of. Sarah and Mary Lovell will help him with the wildlife, as well as all the animal shelters and animal related things. 🙂

Charlotte will be our neighboring queen, and we can visit each other 🙂 and make a lot of wonderful treaties with her country.

Anna will be in charge of everything related to music 🙂 Therefore, the music in our country will be fabulous! The classical music that is. John and Martin will be our very first rock stars! They will be wonderful at that, and our whole country will love them! John will also be in charge of setting the standard for coolness.

We are gonna definitely need a board of very trusted people who are sensible and walk closely with the Lord to make rules and inspect things (like colleges) to make sure they are doing wonderfully. These people will be Esther, Cierra, Courtney, Hannah Alexander, Collin Mizell, Daniel, Jacy, Jordan, Brittany, Julia and Melanie.

A strong country has strong armies backing it up. 🙂 Drake will be in charge of everything military, and Christian will be in charge of the army branch of it, and of castle landscaping (;D) and alsoooo of going to parties to make sure they are good.

Courtney (and Hannah of course!) will be our Royal Dance Instructors. Woohoooo!!! And we will have a lott of swing dancing and also ECD dancing. 🙂

Abby will be the head lawyer in charge of all the other ones, but she WON’T have to deal with emotional cases. 🙂 She can also plan a lot of fun parties for the royal officials!!! 🙂

Seth will be in charge of making an incredible fb group for all of our citizens to join (and of taking care of the group of course!), and also in charge of making friends with the citizens. 🙂

Forrest will be in charge of making the royal family laugh (because he’s so incredible at that!) and cheering everyone up! Also, of dancing romantic dances with his wife. 🙂

I will be the royal crownsmith (in addition to being the queen), and Collin Mizell will help me with that! 😀 Also he will be in charge of all things car-related, to see if the cars can actually drive as fast as they say they can. ;D

Mark will be in charge of all things electronic, and of helping with the children of the kingdom. His wife will help him with all those kiddos and will remember to feed them. In his spare time he can be a hermit if he wants. 🙂 (but not during those times when we have castle parties)

Rachel, Lara, Summer, Samantha, Sara, Victoria and Sophie will all be in charge of very important and amazing things which I have yet to think of. And I used up all my tags, sooooo…oops. Maybe they would be my advisors, some of them def would!

Once a month we will have a National Holiday for going camping and doing other fun outdoor things. 😀

All the darling children will use Dr. Wile’s science program in their schools (if they don’t want to be homeschooled) because it’s very interesting. 🙂

Mommy will be in charge of health care and everything else health related, but I wouldn’t give her much to do. She would give herself whatever she wanted to do. 🙂

Our country will ABSOLUTELY be build on biblical principles and we will all be what America considers “politically incorrect” and not care about that as long as everyone is kind to everyone else. 🙂

I think it will be lovely. 🙂

Any suggestions?

P.S. I imagine most of you will not read this, because it is very long, but I really enjoyed writing it, so I guess it doesn’t really matter… 🙂

P.P.S. And the most wonderful of y’alls parents would also be our royal advisors, but Mommy and Daddy would be the chief and chieftaness of them.


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