The Silent Killer: Ninja

The ninja is probably one of the most potent weapons at the disposal of the monarchs. Used as black ops warriors, body guards and other duties, the ninja is an elite warior with plenty of tools at his/ her disposal. Some of these include vehicles such as the Tumbler, and BatCycle.

The next tool is the crossbow. The crossbow is a long range weapon used for offensive and defensive purposes. With its telescopic scope, a trained ninja can hit a target at long ranges.

Another important tool is the grapnel gun/ hook. Used to scale walls, trees and other things. The gun is useful when the hook is not good enough.

Spikes are a ninja’s best friend. Useful for climbing things, and also for fighting, the hand spikes make a formidable weapon. And to be kicked by the toe spikes could be lethal. Arm spikes can block a sword, or do some serious damage to an opponent.


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