Military Formations

I finally believe that the military is more or less complete. It will expand and change, but it is at a stage where I can make the next step. Queen Ivyanne’s military has four branches, each with an acronym: Special Warfare (SPECWARCOMM), Navy (ARCHENNAVCOMM), Air Force (ARCHENSAC), and Army (ARCHENLANCOMM). Basically to break them down: the country (ARCHEN), branch (NAVy, SPECial WARfare, LANd), and finally the sub branch (COMMand). The exception is the Air Force. The difference is instead of Air Force Command, they are Strategic Air Command (SAC). The commander of the army reports to Drake, the commander of the navy reports to Christian, the commander of the air force reports to Jason, these report directly to Queen Ivyanne. Under each command branch are the command organizations. Some of these are omited due to the lack of size. The Army is organized by: Region, Front, Army, Corps, Division, Brigade, Regiment, Infantry Battalion or Cavalry Squadron, Infantry Company or Artillary Battery, Platoon, Patrol, Squad, Fireteam. The Navy is organized by: Navy, Fleet, Battle Fleet or Task Force, Task Group, Task Unit, Flotilla, and Task Element. The Air Force is organized by: Air Force, Major Command, Numbered Air Force, Wing, Group, Squadron, Flight, Section. A full explanation is at:


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