The Lady Vivian

The Lady Vivian is a ship I have been working on since the very beginning of the project. She is not the most powerful ship in the fleet, however she has her own skills. She is very fast, and her armament is well balanced. Her sensor suite is a combination of some of the most powerful sonar, radar, radio and control systems available. She is capable of carrying the monarchs to any corner of the country. She carries 2 helicopters that are capable of ship- shore transfers. It is also capable of carrying Viper Class heli-jets. She is commanded by the top Captain of Starkwood’s Navy, essentially the Monarchs’ personal captain. Her hull is specially designed for speed and agility. Her armament consists of canon and missile launchers that can take on ships many times her size. Her missiles can be nuclear tipped to take on any ship afloat, however, a very few of these warheads are carried. Her name means “alive” which is certainly a great name for a ship of her caliber.


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