EUREKA!!! (I have found it)

Like the title said, I have found it. “It” has been in the back of my mind for so long and there was no clear solution. Queen Ivy has a Project Staff that is relatively complete. However, Queen Charlotte has no staff whatsoever to run the country. And since the only position I  can guess is King (Grayson), I had just thought that Starkwood Operators would do the tasks. But this would not work diplomatically unless another process (linking) occurred. Linking could not occur however, because Queen Charlotte already has a king. Which leaves us in quite a dilemma.

However, a solution was provided in the very basis of this blog, the first post. “Charlotte will be our neighboring queen, and we can visit each other 🙂 and make a lot of wonderful treaties with her ountry[sic].” Herein lies the ingenious solution: Queen Ivy’s country (Archenland) is far bigger than Queen Charlotte’s country (Terebithia). In history, countries with this size difference have used diplomatic treaties called a “protectorate” (Click Link for WikiPedia Information). Two definitions are given, but the first one is what will be used:

(In its earliest inception, which has been adopted by modern international law, it is an autonomous territory that is protected diplomatically or militarily against third parties by a stronger state or entity. In exchange for this, the protectorate usually accepts specified obligations, which may vary greatly, depending on the real nature of their relationship. However, it retains sufficient measure of sovereignty and remains a state under international law.~Wikipedia).

This opens the door for Terebithia to be a protectorate of Archenland, and Terebithia, Archenland, and the Narnian sector (though this is a link to Queen Susan) a protectorate of Starkwood. This allows Archenland not only to protect Terebithia, but also to share the General Staff, which eliminates the need for Queen Charlotte to have a staff entirely.

I dont think I could sum this up better than Sherlock Holmes: “Elementary, my dear Watson, elementary.”


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