A New Vector: Handmaidens: Dorme

Dorme is the lone surviving handmaiden of Episode 2 which is sad in itself. However, even sadder, is the fact that she deals with all of the troubles of the Senator, and is constantly under threat of attack. She is the first to respond after Anakin kills the poisonous “worms” sent to kill the Senator(see video). After the bomb goes off, she is seen in the Chancellors office wearing a velvet gown/cloak that is really quite beautiful:

For whatever reason, in these pictures, Dorme always looks slightly sad. Perhaps she is still mourning Corde and Verse; perhaps she knows what will soon happen. Regardless, she is ready for the second attempt on the Senator’s life:


Very little is said in this clip:
Anakin: I sense it too!
Anakin(leaving): Stay here!
Dorme: Are you alright my lady?

Dorme’s fate, like that of the handmaidens of Episode 1, is unknown. However, many devoted fans have written pages upon pages about her, her past, and who she loved, no matter how odd it might be.
On a lighter note however, in the bloopers at 0:23, Dorme can be seen hugging Padme however after she does look nervous. At 1:39 we see Anakin run out of the room, narrowly miss Dorme, and in missing her, lose his balance and fall. Ahh, good times.


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