A New Vector: The Handmaidens

I never really thought very much about the handmaidens in Star Wars for a very long time. Only recently when I went back and re-watched the movies after a college lecture gone off topic, did I totally realize their importance. In Episode 1 the handmaidens are Sabe, Rabe, Eirtae, Sache, Yane, and if you count it, Padme. (all handmaidens have an accent mark over the last “e”). They all survive, but those in Episode 2 are not so lucky; Verse and Corde are killed in the first assassination attempt on Senator Amidala when her ship is blown up. Dorme is the only survivor, also surviving yet another assassination attempt. No information is know about Episode 3’s handmaidens, their scenes were removed at the last second, and they were played by uncredited actresses. Most have backstage roles with the Queen/ Senator. There are exceptions however, in Episode 1, Sabe is the most important, as she is the queens decoy, just as Corde is in Episode 2.

These next few posts will be a tribute of sorts to these unsung heroes of the movie, and obviously, an integral part of the project. But to start: an overview:


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