I Spit On Your Grave…

Its a horrible movie. Both the 1978 and the 2010 versions. Disgusting, vile, they go against everything I have known. However, by the time I realized that, it was a little late. So, I tried to make the best of it, and through plenty of perserverance, I got something out of it. The movie is set in an isolated cabin next to a river. This is an ideal spot for a private getaway for the Queen(s). Other than that, there is nothing good about the movie. The lead actress (Jennifer) is a writer that is writing a novel at said cabin, when she is brutally attacked by 4 men. After a gut-wrenching scene that no one should see on film or real life, you wonder what will happen next. Jennifer cleans herself up and proceeds to follow the adage: “Never go to bed angry, stay awake and plot your revenge.” And that she does, but at this point, you are fully rooting for her. She brutally (and I cant emphasize the word “brutal” enough here) kills the four men that assaulted her and evidently brings peace to her life and finishes her book… But anyways, some pictures? (All okay, I promise)
















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