Marlee Matlin

For my 80th post, I will pay a tribute to someone really incredible. After watching the latest season of The Celebrity Apprentice, I was very disappointed that Marlee Matlin did not win in the end. The Oscar winning actress has made a career despite being completely deaf in her right ear and 80% deaf in her left ear. She starred at the age of 19 in Children of a Lesser God, winning an Oscar. She proceeded to kick an alcohol and drug addiction shortly after winning her first Golden Globes for the same movie. She has an autobiography, “I’ll Scream Later”, a story of her childhood, including an incident of being molested by her high school teacher and later her abusive boyfriend. However, she has overcome her disability with the use of high tech hearing aids and her interpreter, Jack Jason, who has been with her for over 20 years. She has also been in In Her Defense and Hear No Evil, and numerous tv shows. there was even an incident when the tv show Family Guy made fun of her being deaf. This prompted the actress to say, “It was sick. It was twisted. It was rude. And it was very Family Guy. People love [MacFarlane’s] stuff. They don’t pay him the big bucks for nothing and I was glad to be part of it. I want to do it again and BE the voice. BTW, it only would’ve been offensive if I hadn’t laughed and I loved that you couldn’t quite figure out if I was seriously angry at Alex or not!” and “Lighten up people!”. After reading this, I personally could not help but be amazed at the incredible grace and humor the actress has. During any feud on the show Celebrity Apprentice, I noted that she did not participate, instead she just stood by and watched and “listened”. I think that she says it best herself, that she wants to be known not as a deaf actress, but as an actress that is deaf. More to follow on this wonderful woman.








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