The premise is simple. 50 years from now, the sun is burning out. An international team of astronauts sets off to plant a bomb in the core of the sun to replicate the big bang. After that mission fails, a second team sets off.   The movie opens as the team reaches Mercury in the Icarus 2, named for the Greek story by the same name. As they near the sun, they hear distress beacon from the Icarus 1. The captain decides to grab the second bomb so they have a 200% chance. However, things start to go bad quickly. As they alter course, some of the heat shield panels are damaged. In the attempt to fix them, the ships captain (Kanada) dies. Later, the crewman that caused the damage commits suicide. A fire then breaks out because part of the ship is exposed too much. After they dock with the Icarus 1, the airlock is manually decoupled, killing 2 more crew. Then they find they do not have the oxygen to get to the release point because they have 5 people, not 4. However, the crew does not know who the 5th person is. It is Captain Pinbacker, the insane captain of the Icarus 1, who is hell bent on sabotaging the mission. He kills one of the other crewmembers, while another dies trying to save the ships computer. One of the crew escapes into the payload, while the last opens the airlock to break the orbit that the Icarus 2 is in. He then manages to jump to the payload as it enters the outer part of the sun. He then learns from the other crewmember that Pinbacker is in the payload with them. As Pinbacker tries to kill him,Cassiekills Pinbacker and they fall down the side of the bomb, but its immense gravity stops their fall, but it kills Cassie. Capa scrambles to the center of the bomb and detonates it, saving the world and dying in the process. Trailer below:

There are not many images to add to this summary, but if I do find any, I will add them.

Here is the part of the ending:


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