Blog Overhaul

I have totally overhauled the blog, if you have not noticed.
I integrated the blogspot and the wordpress quite well considering the platform differences. However, it took hours of hand coding CSS and HTML and XML to make it work. Click on things, find out how they work, if they work (because not everything does) and explore.

Change Log:

The menu has been revamped with Java coding and “child/subchild” systems. A stickied slide show below the menu summarizes the project.


By integrating the “unlimited” pages of WordPress with the template of blogger, I have increased the number of pages usable. I considered (and began to follow through) making a second site and using that. I still might, if wordpress becomes too cumbersome.

EDIT: Pardon me for being so ADD, but I have decided to use a second blogger to work the pages for this blog. The integration will be far better that way. They may be password protected, but not to worry, passwords will be provided.

Posts have been shortened to increase the number that will fit on the page and to streamline the blog.

The sidebars have long been an issue, but I believe I have more or less fixed them for now.

Obviously, the template is brand new and revamped.


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