Halloween Look-Ahead

Okay, its time to look to the future again (partially so I don’t forget myself…) so you know what to expect in the coming months.

EDIT: The original Anna Popplewell gallery is back online as of 10/31/2011.First, I will roll out a new template in mid to late November or early December. (Christmas themed, of course)
Second, I will begin to post more often, no more of this once every month junk; try once every week or so.
Third, this blog’s co-creator and I will begin to post some stuff to get us in the right mind for Christmas.
Fourth, with the new year, I will roll out another template (breathe, they are already set) for the Spring season. (and I have one set for summer as well.)
Finally, I am thinking of having “guest writers” write some posts for the Christmas season.


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