24’s Kim Raver

Kim Raver played an integral role in FOX’s show “24”.
Kim Raver played the character Audrey Raines, the love interest of the primary character, Jack Bauer, played by Keifer Sutherland. During the events of Day 4, Audrey wanted make the divorce of her and Paul final. Jack planned to tell Heller about him and Audrey. However, when he learned that James Heller was targeted by a group of terrorists, under the control of Habib Marwan, both Heller and Audrey were kidnapped. For the next four hours, Jack was reinstated at CTU to find and rescue Heller and Audrey. Eventually, they were, but Heller was since made aware of Jack and Audrey’s involvements. She later learned that Paul came to Los Angeles to see her, but was told by Jack that Paul may have ties with the terrorists. She witnessed Jack torture Paul, and was eventually torn between the two, since Paul attempted to win Audrey back. However, after Paul helped Jack, Paul was shot, and after learning that Paul needed support, she decided to remain at Paul’s side. However, this plan went awry when Jack ordered all the CTU medical personnel, who was operating on Paul, to leave him and treat the grievously injured suspect Lee Jong instead. Paul died, which infuriated Audrey to the point of leaving Jack, despite still having feelings for him. She was devastated when she learnt Jack was killed, not knowing that his death was a ruse that would remain uncovered for the next eighteen months.

Over the next season, Audrey takes a far more center stage role, extensive enough that it would be difficult to put here. The season ends with her father in critical condition, and Jack being kidnapped by the Chinese. She goes to find him leading into Season 6.

Season 6 is a tragic season for Audrey, to say the least. After Jack’s return from China, he learns that the Chinese have now kidnapped Audrey, holding her hostage for a nuclear component. At the end of the season, Audrey is in a catatonic state from being tortured by the Chinese. Jack returns to say goodbye, and disappears into the night.

Here is a link to the leading gallery for Kim Raver. As usual, below are the previews from 24.


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