A Soldier’s Christmas Part 2…

My second part of the A Soldier’s Christmas series follows, but first I will enlighten you a little more about what made me start this thread of poems.Since I plan to eventually go into the Army, I hang around with other Army guys and gals, and I also pay attention to a lot of the trials and tribulations our Warriors face. Many people are of the opinion that soldiers are there to protect them, which is true, but soldiers do more than that. They protect the ideals we believe in, the rights we have, they give up their lives so we can be free and safe. What greater sacrifice is there than this? Unfortunately, some people boo and jeer these same Warriors, calling them killers, murderers and the like. Some have no family to go home to, some have missing limbs from Improvised Explosive Devices, some have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder… And some come back in a casket, draped with the American flag. This Christmas, and every day, thank a veteran for their service, and remember their sacrifice.

The Embers Glowed Softly
And In Their Dim Light
I Gazed Around The Room
And I Cherished The Sight

My dog was asleep
Her head on my chest
My sister beside me
Angelic In Rest

Outside the snow fell
A Blanket Of White
Transforming the yard
To a winter delight

The sparkling lights
In the tree I believe
Completed the magic
That Christmas eve

My Eyelids were heavy
My breathing was deep
Secure was surrounded
By love I would sleep

In perfect contentment
Or so it would seem
So I slumbered perhaps
I started to dream

The sound wasn’t loud
And It wasn’t too near
But I opened my eyes
When it tickled my ear

Perhaps just a cough
I didn’t quite know
Then The sure sound of footsteps
Outside in the snow

My Soul gave a tremble
I struggled to hear
I crept to the door
To see who was near

Standing out in the cold
In the dark of the night
Alone stood a figure
His face weary and tight

A Soldier I puzzled
Some 20 year old
Perhaps a Marine
Huddled here in the cold

Alone in the dark
He looked up and smiled
Standing watch over me
My mom and a child

What are you doing
I asked without fear
Come this moment
Its Freezing out there

Put down your pack
Brush the snow from your sleeve
You should be at home
On a cold Christmas eve

For barely a moment
I saw his eye shift
Away from the cold
And the snow blew in drifts

To the window that danced
With a warm fires light
The he looked and he said
Its really alright

I’m out here by choice
I’m here every night
Its my duty stand
At the front of the line

No one had to ask
Or beg to emplore me
I’m proud to stand here
Like My Fathers Beofre me

My dad’s dad stood his watch
In the jungle of Nam
And Now its my turn
So Here I am

I’ve not seen my own family
In more than awhile
But My family sends me pictures
And they sure do make me smile

Then he bent over
And carefully pulled from his bag
The red white and blue
An American Flag

I can live through the cold
And being alone
Away form my family
My house and my home

I can stand at my post
Through the rain and the sleet
I can sleep in a fox hole
With a little to eat

I can carry the weight
Of killing another
Or lay down my life
With my family and others

Who stand at the front
Against any and all
The ensure for all time
This flag will not fall

So go back Inside “he siad”
Harbor or fright
Your family is waiting
And I’ll be alright

But isn’t there something
I can do at the least
Give you money I asked
Or prepare you a feast

Its seems all to little
For all that you wonder
For being away
From your family and brother

Then his eye welled a tear
That held no regret
Just tell us you love us
And never forget

To fight for out rights
While were doing wrong
To stand your own watch
No matter how long

For wen we come home
Either standing or dead
To know you remember
We fought and bled

Is payment Enough
And with that we will trust
That we matterd to you
As you mattered to us


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