Conference Rooms

Conference play just as big a role as the Operations Centers due to their high volume use for normal operations. However, conference rooms are also used to meet with people, such as celebrities receiving protection details, staff briefings, visiting dignitaries, etc. Also the various S-Shops have their own conference rooms to hold departmental meetings. I personally tend to like high tech minimalistic design, like I have stated before, and was rewarded. The first image is concept of a departmental conference room cluster, with several rooms in close proximity. The next one is a briefing room, with the computer screens mounted under the table. The table has plenty of seating for staff and aides, a good thing during a briefing. The next image after that is another briefing room, but in a different setting. The next one after that is a small operations conference room where small groups can meet to teleconference or to run operations that do not require a huge staff.


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