Yep, I’m going there. Hallways connect everything to everything else. Now that that is out of the way, I have some really cool ideas for the basements, usually a pretty bland place to have hallways. It would be impossible to list all of the ideas for hallways, but here are some. Around the Operations Centers, as previously noted are two to three story high sections with grated floors allowing the hot air from the bottom level to vent, helping to cool the servers. I tend to like open “wiry” architecture so this is right up on par. Unfortunately Google failed me, and I was unable to find anything that matched the mental image. But I did find a suitable stairwell.  However, in the executive suites, hallways would have rich wood paneling, carpet and soft lighting. Image below. In the basement is something I found really special. Since the castle is near the ocean, why not have an ocean-side view? But let’s take that one step further, and go underground. Que the coolest hallway in the castle. Running the entire circumference of the ocean facing side, is a hallway with one side made of glass. Concept art below. For some of the remaining hallways, I like this dark, minimalistic style with the recessed lighting.  It couldwork with the grated floors, but I just don’t know. Image follows.




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