Server Rooms

Server rooms play a huge role in the operations centers above them as they provide all of the computing power for the massive computers. Imagine if you will a huge room held at a temperature just above 35 degrees Fahrenheit filled with humming, sometimes roaring banks of hard drives. That is what a server room for the huge operations center would look like. Their exhaust air would be blown up through floor grates in hallways to dissipate the intense heat given off during a large operation. These hard drives and their associated cooling systems can be “throttled” to provide more or less power depending on the operation being done. These servers can also give power to offensive operations in the form of bandwidth to hack and opponents computer firewall, with huge amounts of memory at their disposal, even the most daunting firewalls could be disabled rather quickly… Below is an of a Facebook server room. Note the grated catwalks in the top right of the image, indicating “roof” access. Also posted is a picture inside of one of those many racks. Each light is a hard drive…





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