The Operations Center

The heart of any operation, the Operations Center(s) serve the purpose of command and control on sector.There are several operations centers, some small for small tasks that double as conference rooms and will be covered with them, some large for military operations, and one huge operations center reserved for serious business. Below the operations centers are their respective server rooms, which I will cover in the next post. These nerve centers are where the Officer of the Deck (OOD) and the Chief of the Watch (COW) are usually placed. Here they can monitor all aspects of the sector under their control and make necessary corrections. Some images below are of some operations centers that are the inspiration behind those on sector:





The first few are of the AT&T Global Operations Center, the last is of a XM Radio Operations Center. I included the latter really because it intrigued me, but the first ones give a good example of a large operations center. The first image is taken from the overwatch bridge which is shown in the top left of the second image. This is where the OOD and COW would be located letting individual S-Shops police their area on the floor.


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