The Heavy Battlecruiser Lily


Countries need ships to project power. It’s that simple, and the Lily is made to project power in a huge way.The Lily is built on a modified Kirov battlecruiser hull. A special operations team is always embarked just in case a land situation arises. Unlike most other warships of its size and kind, it is armed with six 15 inch guns in twin turrets (2 fore, 1 aft) and four 280 mm guns in twin turrets (1 fore, 1 aft) allowing her to engage land targets, and other ships. Each gun has its own targeting rangefinder and fire control equipment. They have the unique capability to fire missiles from the gun tubes. Her six 21 inch torpedo tubes fire, among other things, the lethal Mark 45-6 ADCAP torpedo, allowing her to engage submerged targets that she finds with her Revalation sonar- radar suite. Her top speed is around 40 knots, provided by a nuclear reactor driving four propellers. Her immense rudder and thrusters allow her to turn fast and tight, while a trim system keeps efficiency at a maximum. Phalanx close in weapons systems protect the ship from missiles, and multiple smaller weapons can engage small craft. Her SH70 Seahawk can also launch the Mark 45-6 ADCAP torpedo, and also carries a dipping sonar. In short, this is a fearsome platform, the largest warship besides the aircraft carriers on the field. Her large Admiral’s Bridge gives the Admiral (or Monarch) a unprecedented view of the battle. It also houses guest quarters for kings and queens. Her trim system consists of trim tanks and trim planes. These help the ship stay at an optimum performance and speed.


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