The Lady Class

Like her older cousin, the Lady class is made to project power.Acting in concert with her older cousin, the Lily, the Lady class is a series of 5 heavily modified Kirov Battle cruisers. They are as follows: 0571 Lady Susan, 0572 Lady Lucy, 0573 Lady Ivy, 0574 Lady Belle, and 0575 Lady Charlotte. If you know much about me, you know that 0571 and 0572 are named for the Queens of Narnia, and that 0573 and 0575 are name for the project Queens. The ships are equipped similarly to the Lily class of ships, indeed the Lily is the direct predecessor to the Lady class. Her Revelation Sonar/ Radar Suite can detect aircraft and ships before they ever detect the Lady. Then the Lady’s  electronic warfare systems can jam and destroy incoming missiles and aircraft. Her guns and missiles can take out any remaining threats.


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