New Territories and Chains of Command

Like I said earlier, I am in the process of adding several new territories to the sector. That said, here are the chains of command:

People are listed in order of: Chief of Staff, Minister of Defense, Minister of Domestic Affairs, Chief Justice, Chief Ambassador. Stars (*) indicate that the individual has come from my pool of people.

(Archenland) Queen Ivy of the Shining Sky: Catherine, *Lauryn*, Drake, Abby, Mary Gohn.

(Terebithia) Queen Charlotte of the Western Plateau: Grayson, *David*, Nathan, Sophie, *Jason*. (May be omitted later)

(Telmar) Princess Angela of the Wild Woodlands: Alexis, *Dwayne*, Jessica, Moriah, *Robert*.

(Atropia) Princess Anna of the Cerulean Sea: *Christian*, *Lauren B*, *Kim*, Sarah, Jesse.

(Cyrene) Prince Derrick of the Majestic Mountains: Samuel, Matthew, Leah, *Kimber*, *Ian*.

(Costa Luna) Prince Jonathan of the Fertile Flatlands: Elias, *Josh*, Julia, *Lauren P*, Wesley

(Rohan) Prince Joel of the Raging River: Austin, Collin, Kelsey, *Mary*, Drake

(Starkwood) Starkwood Phantom FA: Commanding Officer: General Richard, Executive Officer: Brigadier General O’Brien, S1 (Administrative): Lieutenant Colonel Diaz, S2 (Security): Lieutenant Colonel Stattler, S3 (Operations): Brigadier General Morehouse, S4 (Logistics): Lieutenant Colonel Pell, S5 (Public Affairs): Lieutenant Colonel Clemmons, S6 (Technology): Lieutenant Colonel Hamel, S7 (Special Operations): Colonel Seguin, S8 (Talon Coordinator): Colonel Wade, CSM (Command Sergeant Major): CSM Blaine.


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