New Territory Updates

After a busy streak at school, I am back on the job. The country of Archenland has been broken into 5 zones, and a new country has been added. Maps will follow shortly if all goes well. Listed below are the territories/ countries and their rulers:

(Archenland) Queen Ivy of the Shining Sky

(Terebithia) Queen Charlotte

(Rohan) King Joel of the Raging River

(Atlantis) Princess Angela of the Wild Woodlands

(Atropia) Princess Anna of the Cerulean Sea

(Appalachia) Prince Derrick of the Majestic Mountains

(Ansylvania) Prince Jonathan of the Fertile Flatlands

(Starkwood) Starkwood Phantom FA: Commanding Officer: General Richard

Queen Ivy will have a zone to herself, much like the District of Columbia.

EDIT: Maps Are UP!:




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