The Scimitar

Going back a few months, you would find some Star Wars stuff buried deep in the blog.

But I wasn’t finished quite yet, and I may still go back and re-cover some things. But for now, I submit to you the Scimitar:


Built from heavily modified designs based on the Republic Sienar Systems’ Star Courier, the Sith lnfiltrator is a long-range reconnaissance ship built specifically to carry the influence of Darth Sidious to the far-flung worlds of the Old Republic. Sidious had the lnfiltrator, dubbed Scimitar,constructed for his apprentice Darth Maul, so that Maul could travel undetected to and from Coruscant on errands for his Sith Master.Although the ship is a completely new design (of which Sienar Systems claims complete ignorance), it actually carries on a long-standing Sith tradition of small,virtually undetectable ships used by the Sith during their thousand years of hiding. Many mysterious hyperspace accidents that coincidentally claimed the lives of Jedi can no doubt be attributed to Sith lnfiltrators.The extremely effective-and shockingly expensive-stygium crystal cloaking device built into Scimitar’s fuselage enables the ship to come and go without interference. This is a vital necessity for Maul and Sidious, who both have constant business on Coruscant.The cloak-more powerful than ordinary Republic cloaking devices-makes Scimitar impossible to detect from longer than medium range using sensors. The ship also possesses an experimental sublight ion drive that,despite requiring extremely large radiator panels to vent excess heat, makes Scimitar faster and more maneuverable than any ship of a comparable class, and even many starfighters.In addition to enough provisions to keep Maul (and up to six passengers) alive for a short jaunt through hyperspace, Scimitar features equipment a Sith Lord might need in the pursuit of his duty: bombs, mines, poisons, drugs, caustic chemicals, weapons, survival gear, implements of torture, a trio of Dark Eye probe droids, and Maul’s Sith speeder. The ship also includes an escape pod though Maul’s vanished under unknown circum-stances between the time he left Coruscant for Tatooine and the moment his ship was recovered by the Republic authorities on Naboo after his death.

Source: The Dark Side Sourcebook


Now, if the sector were to ever “hypothetically” use such a craft as the Scimitar, several things would be changed… For example, items such as “torture devices” and the like would have no place. However, the engines can function quite well in the lower atmosphere making the Scimitar a superbly fast aircraft. Its weapons can take out aircraft moving to counter the Scimitar’s mission in the unlikely event it is detected. This means that the Stygium crystal system would also work. More details to follow.


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