The Fast Warrior

I have a habit of naming ships after people in movies, books and tv shows. To me it gives them a more human personality, as each ship is just as unique as the person they are named for. Each ship has a story of their design, how they came to be the way they were. The Lady Sansa is no exception.The Lady Sansa was a nameless design that had been sitting on the drawing board for quite some time. After reading Game of Thrones, I felt that Sansa’s character was unjustly railroaded towards the end. After all she goes through, she never recovers anything that she lost. It was a sad moment, but one that allowed me to restart the stalled project with a new background. The Lady Sansa is the first of the Direwolf class, a series of fast, modern cruisers with high tech weaponry. A Direwolf is a wolf that is approximately 1.5 times the size of a regular wolf. She is built from the stretched hull of an American Arleigh-Burke class destroyer. Her bridge was expanded to provide for an Admiral’s Bridge. On her stern, a missile deck and conventional canon protect her stern. Missile launchers and CIWS (Close In Weapons Systems) adorn her midships. But it is her bow that makes the Direwolf dangerous. A Railgun, capable of firing projectiles at almost five times the speed of sound is mounted forward of the missile deck. A single shot is capable of destroying most vessels, and the system is also able to launch missiles as well, giving the ship far more flexibility in her armament. Her flight deck was also extended to make room for a full sized SH70 Seahawk or CH53 Pavelow, or HH 65 Dauphins. With a Revelation sonar-radar suite, she can interface with other Revelation equipped ships to allow them to control her weapons or to control theirs as part of the greater fleet. Her nuclear reactors propel her to speeds in excess of 50 knots, making her one of the faster ships of the fleet for her size. In short, she is a very dangerous opponent on her own, and even more lethal amongst the rest of the pack.


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