Command Staff: Archenland

King: Unknown at this time

Queen: Ivy Nichols AKA Princess Ivyanne

Architecture/ Landscaping: Christian

GIS: Richard

Locations Planning: Richard

Ambassadors: Joel, Abby, Bennett, Mary Gohn and Catherine

Sports Coordinators: Aaron (Austin will help him with Football) Basketball,  (Collin Gresso will also be in charge of Basketball) and Football, Joel (Andrew will help him) will be in charge of Soccer, Kelsey will be in charge of Gymnastics, Catherine will be in charge of track, Drew will be in charge of Baseball.

Parks and Wildlife: Benjamin, Sarah, and Mary Lovell

Music- Classical: Anna

Music- Rock: John and Martin

Cool Standard: John

Admiral of the Navy: Christian

General of the Army: Drake

Commander of the Air Force: Jason

Commander of Special Forces: David

Dance Instructors Courtney, Hannah

Head of Judicial Branch: Abby

Technical Department: Seth, Mark

The Funnys Department: Forrest

Other Stuff: Rachel, Lara, Summer, Samantha, Sara, Victoria, and Sophie

Head of Ninjas/ Special Forces Units/ Counter Terror Unit: Joel, Richard

Head Dream Extractor: Joel

Alien Defense Force: Joel

Head of Bodyguards: Richard

Military Advisor/ Regional NGO Commander: General Richard


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