Command Staff: Starkwood Phantom FA

Starkwood “Phantom” Field Army

Contains: Iron Fist Combat Assault Regiment, the Samuri Headquarters Regiment, Mortalis Recon Regiment, Wolfpack Engineer Regiment, Warfighters Maintenance Regiment, Balls of Fire Medical Regiment,The Dragon Warriors Supply Regiment, Trident Amphibious Assault Regiment, The Thundering Guns of Death Artillery Regiment, Sturm and Drang Anti Tank Regiment, Hells Hammers Armor Regiment, the Geronimo Airborne Regiment, and the Spartans Infantry Corps.

Commanding Officer: Major General O’Brien

Exective Officer: Brigadier General Ricciuti

S1 (Administrative): Lieutenant Colonel Diaz

S2 (Security): Lieutenant Colonel Stattler

S3 (Operations): Colonel Morehouse

S4 (Logistics): Lieutenant Colonel Pell

S5 (Public Affairs): Lieutenant Colonel Seguin

S6 (Technology): Lieutenant Colonel Hamel

S7 (Special Operations): Colonel Miner

S8 (Talon Coordinator): Colonel Wade

CSM (Command Sergeant Major): CSM Clemmons


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