About Us

Ivyarchenland originally started as a joke on Facebook. However, once the author was asked to create an entire country for a High School governance project, the project came alive on Blogger. As it grew and expanded, more people read it until it hit it’s 5000th hit in September of 2011, 1 year after starting in February 2010. It contains many fantasy elements, and elements from movies and books, which gives it a fairy-tale feel. However, plenty of cool stuff can be found when one digs through the pages and posts. The current webmaster was brought in to the project for the specific purpose of maintaining the web portion of the project. He receives the posts via email or through facebook, and proceeds to format them and expand them to make the posts. This means that I (Richard, the webmaster) do not come up with all of the ideas for the blog. However, I do write some of the more technical parts and do some of the research. Credit for topics and sources goes to Ivy.


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