Dept. of Navy

Dept. of the Navy

The Rapier

The first ship of the Ivy’s and Charlotte’s navy have been completed. The Rapier class is a multi- purpose ship that can effectively deal with most enemy threats quickly.


The Archer

The Archer Class ships are small, fairly fast, specialized vessels built for two purposes. The first is to provide direct fire support with its two 155 mm guns, normally reserved for howitzers. The second is to provide artillary support from the sea to assist in land and sea operations.

The Caroline

The key to sustaining ships at sea is an at- sea replenisher. The Caroline class ships fill this role quite well. Capable of refueling multiple warships, and replenishing their ammunition supplies, one Caroline is enough to supply a fleet of the size estimated for Archenland or Terebithia.

The Queen Ivy and Queen Charlotte

These two aircraft carriers are probably the largest ships in the navy. Each has a large air wing capable of protecting a friend, or seeking and destroying an enemy. Each uses MiG 29K aircraft as its main- stay aircraft. They also have early warning aircraft, helicopters, and supply aircraft. In short, they are the heart of the fleet.

Queen Ivy Class

The Queen Ivy has a jump- deck, used for larger aircraft that need more force to get off the deck. This, however does not detract from the uses or functionality of the ship.

Queen Charlotte Class

The Queen Charlotte has a conventional deck, with only a slight angle on the deck.

The Bond

The Bond class submarine is base upon the United States SSN 774 Virginia Class. It is such a good design, I am not going to change it, just give a better name. Super quiet, deep running, and capable of launching its Mark 48 ADCAP torpedoes or Tomahawk missiles at a target that is deep inside enemy territory and has no idea the Bond is even there, the Bond is a powerful weapons platform. And even if the enemy is riled and angry, the Bond can escape easily.

The Drake

The Drake class submarine is what is called a “boomer”. It carries inter continental ballistic missiles capable of destroying any country on earth. However, Archenland will only posess one, for the reason that they will hopefully never need it.

The Abby

The Abby is built on the same hull as the Soobrazitel class patrol boat. It is a well built combatant to an enemy and a powerful symbol for a diplomatic team.

The Julia

The Julia class cruiser is built to protect convoys from raiders, but it can also be used to transport people to and from locations.

The Jacy

The Jacy class anti- submarine destroyer is a submarine’s worst enemy. Equipped with a Horse Jaw bow sonar and a Horse Tail towed array sonar, it can find submarines before they threaten a friendly vessel. Once found, a submarine is hard pressed to escape its torpedoes and missiles. If a submarine is forced to surface, the Jacy can engage it with its gun. The Kamov helicoptors are equipped to drop sonobuoys or torpedoes to assist the ship.

The Mary Gohn

The Mary Gohn class is a diverse ship with lots of potential. Primarily used to transport ambassadors to their destinations, it is well armed, just in case a situation that puts the ambassador in danger arises. A prime example of this is in the third CON book. A step up fro m the Julia class, the Mary Gohn is a powerful diplomatic symbol.

The Esther

The Esther class patrol boat is a multipurpose vessel. Armed with a 120mm gun, four 40mm Exocet anti- ship missiles, and several .50 caliber machine guns, the Esther is ideal for protecting harbors, and patroling waterways between Terebithia and Archenland or Terebithia and Starkwood.

The Catherine

Seeing as how Catherine loves to run, it is only fitting that one of the fastest ships is named for her. The Catherine has a top speed of around 60 knots or about 69.1 miles per hour. This means that while most ships have a top speed of around 35 knots or around 40.3 miles per hour, the Catherine can sprint ahead carrying troops, or more likely, civilians.

The Arwen

The Arwen class is a multi- purpose craft that truly is remarkable. Small and fast, it has several configurations. It flys the flag of Archenland’s Blue Banner Northern Fleet, the fleet that guards the border between Calormen and Archenland.

The Katherine

The Katherine is a technological marvel. After a long time on the drawing boards, she is finally complete. Not to be confused with her smaller, faster sister, she bears the Special Warfare crest on her aft exhaust tower, and her ship’s crest on the forward exhaust tower. The ship’s crest is different for each ship. Each crest has the latin phrase “De Opresso Liber”, meaning “To Liberate the Oppressed”.

The Lily

The Lily is built on a modified Kirov battlecruiser hull. A special operations team is always embarked just in case a land situation arises. Unlike most other warships of its size and kind, it is armed with six 15 inch guns in twin turrets (2 fore, 1 aft) and four 280 mm guns in twin turrets (1 fore, 1 aft) allowing her to engage land targets, and other ships. Each gun has its own targeting rangefinder and fire control equipment. They have the unique capability to fire missiles from the gun tubes. Her six 21 inch torpedo tubes fire, among other things, the lethal Mark 45-6 ADCAP torpedo, allowing her to engage submerged targets that she finds with her Revalation sonar- radar suite. Her top speed is around 40 knots, provided by a nuclear reactor driving four propellers. Her immense rudder and thrusters allow her to turn fast and tight, while a trim system keeps efficiency at a maximum. Phalanx close in weapons systems protect the ship from missiles, and multiple smaller weapons can engage small craft. Her SH70 Seahawk can also launch the Mark 45-6 ADCAP torpedo, and also carries a dipping sonar. In short, this is a fearsome platform, the largest warship besides the aircraft carriers on the field. Her large Admiral’s Bridge gives the Admiral (or Monarch) a unprecedented view of the battle. It also houses guest quarters for kings and queens. Her trim system consists of trim tanks and trim planes. These help the ship stay at an optimum performance and speed.

 The Lady Class

 The Lady class is a series of 5 heavily modified Kirov Battle cruisers. They are as follows: 0571 Lady Susan, 0572 Lady Lucy, 0573 Lady Ivy, 0574 Lady Belle, and 0575 Lady Charlotte. If you know much about me, you know that 0571 and 0572 are named for the Queens of Narnia, and that 0573 and 0575 are name for the project Queens. The ships are equipped similarly to the Lily class of ships, indeed the Lily is the direct predecessor to the Lady class. Her Revelation Sonar/ Radar Suite can detect aircraft and ships before they ever detect the Lady. Then the Lady’s  electronic warfare systems can jam and destroy incoming missiles and aircraft. Her guns and missiles can take out any remaining threats.

The Lady Vivian

The Lady Vivian is a ship I have been working on since the very beginning of the project. She is not the most powerful ship in the fleet, however she has her own skills. She is very fast, and her armament is well balanced. Her sensor suite is a combination of some of the most powerful sonar, radar, radio and control systems available. She is capable of carrying the monarchs to any corner of the country. She carries 2 helicopters that are capable of ship- shore transfers. It is also capable of carrying Viper Class heli-jets. Her hull is specially designed for speed and agility. Her armament consists of canon and missile launchers that can take on ships many times her size. Her missiles can be nuclear tipped to take on any ship afloat, however, a very few of these warheads are carried. Her name means “alive” which is certainly a great name for a ship of her caliber.

The USNS Mercy

Often, after a large battle, many soldiers are wounded. Cue the USNS Mercy. The Mercy is a United States vessel leased to Starkwood on a permanent basis. Basically a floating hospital, she can provide 1st rate care to wounded people anywhere there is a body of water deep enough for her.

The Liberty Class

The Liberty class was the American workhorse during World War 2. Many are still in service as cargo haulers. They had a deadly flaw that they would break in half at sea, but a steel plate welded down each side solved that.

These ships haul cargo between the countries, leaving other, larger ships to transit between the area and other countries like the United States.

The Stacy

The Stacy is a massive ship that was built for one purpose, to search for natural gas and oil on the ocean floor. It has all of the drilling equipment to get the job done and to get home safely even through the worst storms.

M/V Richelle

The MV Richelle does not look like much, but in reality she is a very stylish ocean liner plying the routes between Archenland and Terebithia.


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