Off Topic

Off Topic… Sorta… And Other Stuff

Other Countries:

Archenland and Terebithia are not the only counties in the area. Several other countries based on the same principles are in the area including the Narnian sector ruled by, of course King Peter, King Edmund, Queen Susan, and Queen Lucy. The mutual enemy of the Narnian sector lies to the north, Calormen, ruled by the Tisroc (may he live forever) and his son, Prince Rabadash. The Kings and Queens of the Narnian sector work closely with the Kings and Queens in the Archenland sector and the Terebithian sector to maintain a steady balance of power. Essential to this is a system of ties between rulers, similar to marriages. When one ruler “connects” with another, the two countries are intertwined. Hence, this is a good way to stay allies with a much bigger country. One such example is in the Narnian sector- Peter is “connected” to Ramandu’s Daughter.


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